Our undergraduate Ecampus humanitarian engineering certificate is open for enrollment! We are also offering several core Humanitarian Engineering, Science and Technology (HEST) courses in the upcoming academic year, and you don't have to be enrolled in the program to join the courses. Students from all majors and at all levels are encouraged to participate.

Undergraduate Minor/Certificate 

The undergraduate minor is now becoming a certificate on Ecampus. The same courses can apply to both and complete requirements for the each can be found in the course catalog listing or HEST advising sheet:



To enroll in the certificate/minor or request consideration for substitutions for the requirements, please contact Mr. Brett Jeter in 238B Rogers Hall, 541-737-7991 or email him via brett.jeter@oregonstate.edu. We note that MyDegrees does not do a good job of aligning coursework with the minor requirements, please contact Mr. Jeter for assistance. Dr. Nordica MacCarty can also be contacted via nordica.maccarty@oregonstate.edu to assist with substitutions/overrides.

If you are interested in the minor, a good place to start is to select your Bacc Core courses from the humanitarian engineering, science and technology (HEST) playlist. Courses marked by a '+' are specifically recommended because of the relevance of the material or because they are taught by a HEST-affiliated faculty member. Note that HEST310 and HEST320are currently approved to fill Bacc Core requirements for any student on campus.

Upcoming Course Offerings

A list of the offerings specific to the HEST are available on our Upcoming Courses page. Note that courses required to fulfill elective/Bacc Core requirements are available in the playlist.

Research Opportunities

Students are encouraged to contact individual faculty in the program to determine if research opportunities are available.

Capstone and Honors Projects

There are a variety of projects available including senior capstone design projects sponsored by our program and undergraduate theses for the honors college students. you need not be enrolled in the humanitatarian engineering progrom to participate. Watch for announcements about these opportunities on the website newsfeed or contact faculty directly to inquire, and be sure to sign up for our mailing list to receive updates.