Usability is a critical factor in a cook’s decision to purchase or adopt an improved cookstove, as well as to continue use long-term. While the study and incorporation of usability is common in product design for high-income countries, there has historically been little material available to help evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency with which a cookstove meets a user’s needs and as a result, usability has often been overlooked.

This protocol is intended to give designers and implementers a tool to understand and compare user impressions of traditional and improved cookstoves in low-income countries. This information may be used to better balance user needs with technical performance, emissions, and other objectives to increase the overall uptake and impact of improved cookstoves.


Complete Usability Testing Protocol for Cookstoves, Version 1.0

Usability Data Collection Form, Version 1.0

Usability Data Procesing Spreadsheet, Version 1.0



We welcome feedback on these methods. Please contact Dr. Nordica MacCarty with questions or comments