The Evans Family Fund for Humanitarian Engineering has been established “to support graduate student fellowships and travel.  The fellowships are to be awarded with preference to women, as part of the College's commitment to gender equity, and/or students who are working on research topics associated with developing economies within the broader topic of humanitarian engineering.”

The next deadline is October 25, 2015. Application instructions follow:


  1. Provide dedicated support for graduate students to gain first-hand experience, disseminate research results, or access unique educational opportunities in humanitarian engineering (2-7 students/year).
  2. Enrich the OSU campus environment by enhancing linkages and exposure to humanitarian engineering.
  3. Leverage experience of supported OSU graduate students through seminar series presentation, preparation of related course module for the core curriculum, or other activity that strengthens the program.
  4. Support a GTA for curriculum as needed.


  1. Provide support for graduate student support, travel or other costs (potentially including tuition, materials/supplies, communication).
  2. Have returning students present their findings to the OSU community either as a seminar or in another format in the humanitarian engineering, science and technology curriculum/program activities.

Application process:

  1. Graduate student support – A faculty member nominates a student for up to one term of support. The graduate student can be a new incoming student or current OSU student. The faculty member must provide a one-page nomination letter describing: i) how the student and project address the selection criteria; ii) the intended source of ongoing support if the nominee is a new student; iii) the impact of the award on the student (e.g. does it enable a student to join a program, conduct a field visit, or attend a conference who otherwise might not be able to do so?); and iv) the student’s unique qualifications for this award. In addition to the nomination letter, the nominating faculty member will provide a current CV or copy of the student’s application to OSU and a proposed budget.
  2. Conference travel or field visit/project travel – A current OSU student can submit an application for a travel fellowship to participate in a conference, a workshop, a field visit, or project travel. The application consists of a one-page cover letter, a supporting letter from an OSU faculty member, a proposed budget, and a current CV. The cover letter should include: i) justification for participation in the conference/workshop or anticipated outcome from field/project travel; ii) how the travel satisfies the selection criteria; and iii) a plan to present a seminar on campus (which could be part of a departmental/unit series or scheduled separately); if a formal seminar is not an appropriate venue, the student can work with Prof. Sharp to see how related material may be otherwise included in the core curriculum. Preparation of case study material, for example, is encouraged.
  3. For graduate student support, budgets from $2k to $12.5K will be considered. For conference or project travel, the budget is limited to $4K.
  4. The deadline for full consideration for this round of graduate student support is Oct 25 and decisions will be made on a rolling basis thereafter. There will be at least two deadlines per year in 2016, and 2017.
  5. The total amount to be awarded is $25K/year; ideally, a minimum of 2–3 awards for travel will be given per year and the remainder of the funds may be used for travel or stipend. Funds are typically awarded via a lump sum payment to a graduate student’s account. 
  6. Graduate students in good standing both inside and outside of the College of Engineering are eligible for funding, however, the impact on humanitarian engineering program development (e.g. post-award seminar, development of case study or other curricular material, seed funding for projects involving affiliated faculty, etc.) must be clearly identified in the application. Preference may be given to students within the College of Engineering or those actively working in collaboration with students and faculty in the College of Engineering.
  7. Applications must be submitted via email as a single .pdf file to Kendra Sharp, by 5PM on the respective due date. Please include the last name of the applicant and ‘Evans fellowship’ in the filename.

Selection Criteria:

A committee will meet to select awardees based on the following criteria:

  1. Likelihood of success (feasibility) of undertaking
  2. Expected contribution to OSU and the broader humanitarian engineering community
  3. Student record of commitment to local and global community service (if applicable )
  4. Commitment by OSU faculty adviser to student and project
  5. Importance to ongoing and future OSU endeavors.