It is a busy week on campus! This Friday 10/21 we have two excellent seminars:

1. From 1-2 in Rogers 226 OSU's School of Chemical, Biological, and Environmental Engineering Assistant Professor Dr. Nick AuYeung presents "Status and Potential for Solar Thermochemical Energy Storage in a Sustainable Society." In addition to power generation, "other applications that could transform the daily lives of people in both developed and low resource areas will be discussed. Potential applications of solar thermochemical energy storage are wide-ranging and could include heating, drying, cooking, and sanitation." This presentation is sponsored by the School of MIME thermal-fluids science seminar series and refreshments will be provided.

2. Then, from 4-5 in Kearney 112, the School of MIME seminar series presents Professor Alexander H. Slocum from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology for his talk "Symbiotic Systems for Energy, Water, and Food." He will discuss collocation and development of environmentally-friendly energy and water systems.