Aprovecho Research Center in Cottage Grove, Oregon is looking for an undergraduate engineering intern to help with design and testing of biomass cookstoves this summer. Working with several other interns from the University of Dayton, the student will participate in research including running experiments to measure air quality, cookstove efficiency, and emissions using the ARC Laboratory Emissions Monitoring System (LEMS) and other sensors. These experiments will build upon previous work by OSU students, including development of a fire tending robot, and characterize their performance in accordance with the ISO laboratory testing protocol. The intern will be responsible for processing data from tests using MS Excel and maintaining the measurement equipment through cleaning, calibration, leak checks, filter weighing, and desiccant replacement. During the annual week-long summer workshop at ARC in August, the interns will also work in the lab to run emissions tests for the participants, and to process and report on the data. Upon completion of the research, the interns may work with ARC staff and OSU's Dr. Nordica MacCarty to write and publish a journal article detailing the results. 

The internship is unpaid but living space will be provided on the beautiful rural ARC campus situated on a creek. Students will be expected to commit to a weekday schedule that includes 0.5 hr of meeting to report progress, 4 hours of data collection, 2 hours of data analysis and reporting, and 0.5 hours of gardening class in the organic garden on campus. Please contact Dr. Nordica MacCarty with questions or to apply.