On Friday, October 5th, 68 students from the Springfield Academy of Arts High School's course in Design for Low Resource Populations will visit campus to learn about the humanitarian engineering program. Following an introduction to the program by Dr. Nordica MacCarty, the students will hear from graduate and undergraduate students in the humanitarian engineering program during a poster session. Topics of the posters will include:


  • FUEL Sensors for quantifying impacts of biomass cookstoves
  • Solar Water Heaters for childcare centers in Thailand
  • Small Scale Wind Turbines for off-grid villages
  • Water Pasteurization System for communities suffering water scarcity
  • Forced Draft Cookstoves for clean and efficient biomass combustion
  • Shea Nut Roasting machines for processing shea to make oil in Ghana

Research Areas

  • Evaluating usability of biomass cookstoves
  • Understanding technology adoption


  • Engineers Without Borders and their Nicaragua and Cambodia programs
  • Dr. MacCarty's Field Course in Guatemala
  • Summer Internships at Aprovecho Research Center


Feel free to join us for all or part of the event if you are able, in 116 Weniger hall from 9:45 until about 12!