Oregon State School of Mechanical, Industrial, and Manufacturing Engineering

Oregon State School of Mechanical, Industrial, and Manufacturing EngineeringOSU GO presents Household Energy in Guatemala: Technology, Environment, & Society

Students from any major are invited to learn about the energy poverty facing 40% of the world's families, and to help by conducting research on options for improving health, livelihoods, environment, and quality of life through use of energy technologies including biomass cookstoves, solar water heaters, and solar lighting systems.

The Antigua region is a fascinating area surrounded by volcanoes and jungles and rich in culture and history. Partnering with StoveTeam International, students and faculty will visit rural communities and homes to measure energy consumption, talk with residents about their needs, and identify technological solutions. Spanish is not required but is helpful.

The course will consist of an on-campus preparatory class followed bya 3-credit, 10-day field trip from June 12-24. It will be led by Dr. Nordica A. MacCarty, Asst. Prof. of Mechanical Engineering, and Dr. Elizabeth Schroeder, Asst. Prof. of Economics. Both have extensive experience in developing countries from working with organizations such as the US EPA and World Bank. This course is the first step in what is hoped to be a long-term project for research and energy development in this area, with ongoing opportunities for undergraduate and graduate student involvement.

Informational Meeting: Wednesday, November 18th, 5-6PM, 113 STAG.
nordica.maccarty@oregonstate.edu, liz.schroeder@oregonstate.edu, www.stoveteam.org