Upcoming Seminar by Kory Russel from Stanford University: 

There is a looming sanitation crisis in low-income urban areas worldwide. Over a billion people currently live in what are defined as "urban slums” and over 700 million of them lack access to improved sanitation. As the world’s population continues to urbanize rapidly, many governments are reluctant to legitimize these settlements by installing piped infrastructure. With sewer systems a remote possibility for the majority of urban residents in the developing world, there is a dire need to develop viable alternatives.

 Kory Russel will present the design and research associated with the launch of a novel sanitation service in Haiti. Container-Based Sanitation (CBS) services use an entrepreneurial business model, unique toilet design, end-to-end waste isolation, and treatment with resource recovery to provide services to chronically neglected communities.

BIO: Kory Russel is a PhD Candidate in the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department at Stanford University.  His research focuses on water supply and sanitation issues in rural Africa, specifically Mozambique. Additionally, Kory is the co-founder of there.source sanitation” research initiative originally funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation focused on extremely low-cost, container-based sanitation services.Russel seminar flyer 

Kory completed a BS in Environmental Biology and MS in Environmental Science from Taylor University. He spent 3 years serving in the Peace Corps in Mozambique, where he assisted in planning and helped realize several nationwide projects that focused on women’s empowerment, skills training, HIV prevention, and science education. Kory is the recipient of an EPA STAR Fellowship, a Stanford Graduate Public Service Fellowship and a Leavell Graduate Student Fellowship.