HEST Faculty

Carolyn Fonyo Boggress

Carolyn Fonyo Boggess — HEST 412/512

Director, Environmental Sciences Graduate Program
Email: boggessc@onid.orst.edu      

Systems ecology, systems modeling and analysis, embodied energy (emergy) analysis, watershed assessment, sustainable design for the environment, and sustainable business. More ...

Elain Fu

Elain Fu — HEST 320

Associate Professor, Chemical, Biological, and Environmental Engineering
Email: elain.fu@oregonstate.edu      Office: 541-737-1062

Investigation of molecular interactions and fluid transport in microfluidic systems, the development of tools and methods for use in high-performance microfluidic assays, and the implementation of microfluidic assays for clinically relevant analytes. More ...

David Hill

David Hill — HEST 411/511

Professor, Civil and Construction Engineering
Email: david.hill@oregonstate.edu      Office: 541-737-4939

Experimental fluid mechanics, visual imaging techniques, wave mechanics and sediment transport, computational tidal modeling. More ... 

Nordica MacCarty

Nordica MacCarty — HEST 241, 541, 242, 444, 542, HEST/ANTH 201

Associate Professor, Mechanical, Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering

Richard and Gretchen Evans Scholar of Humanitarian Engineering
Email: nordica.maccarty@oregonstate.edu   Office: 541-737-5927

Understanding the relationships between energy, society and the environment through integrated complex systems modeling, thermal fluid sciences, and engineering design. More ... 

Kendra Sharp

Kendra Sharp — HEST 310

Professor, Mechanical, Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering
Richard and Gretchen Evans Professor of Humanitarian Engineering
Email: kendra.sharp@oregonstate.edu      Office: 541-737-5246

Engineering for global development, sustainable energy for the developing world, experimental fluid mechanics, and microfluidics for biological and energy applications. More ...

Bryan Tilt

Bryan Tilt — ANTH 482/582

Professor, College of Liberal Arts, Anthropology Department
Email: bryan.tilt@oregonstate.edu      Office: 541-737-3896

Environmental anthropology, sustainable development, pollution, water resources, community participation, natural resources, fisheries management. More ... 

Jeff Walters — HEST 462/562

Assistant Professor, Civil Engineering
University of Washington - Tacoma
Email: jpwalt@uw.edu      Office: 253-692-4330

 Integrateion of theory and application of systems thinking and engineering for social justice.

Brian Wood

Brian Wood — HEST 411/511

Professor, Chemical, Biological & Environmental Engineering
Email: brian.wood@oregonstate.edu      Office: 541-737-9249

Description of mass, momentum, and energy transport in natural and engineered multiscale systems; subsurface hydrology; bioremediation and biochemical processes; water and wastewater treatment; and sustainable design and engineering. More ...

Shaozeng Zhang — hest/anth 201

Assistant Professor, College of Liberal Arts, Anthropology Department
Email: shaozeng.zhang@oregonstate.edu      Office: 541-737-3055

Science and Technology Studies (STS), ecological/environmental anthropology, applied anthropology, and research methodology


Affiliated Faculty

Jana Bouwma-Gearhart

Jana Bouwma-Gearhart

Assistant Professor, College of Education 
Email: jana.bouwma-gearhart@oregonstate.edu     Office: 541-737-2206

Organizational change concerning STEM education at research universities. More ... 

J. Eduardo Cotilla-Sanchez

J. Eduardo Cotilla-Sanchez

Assistant Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering 
Email: ecs@eecs.oregonstate.edu     Office: 541-737-8926

Cascading outages in power grids, complex systems and complex networks, chaos and nonlinear dynamics, big data and high performance computing, PMU-supported power system stability monitoring. More ... 

Rebekah Elliott

Rebekah Elliott

Associate Professor, College of Education
Email: elliottr@science.oregonstate.edu     Office: 541-737-1821

Professional education along the professional continuum. More ... 

Hannah Gosnell

Hannah Gosnell

Associate Professor, College of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences
Email: gosnellh@geo.oregonstate.edu     Office: 541-737-1222

Drivers and consequences of rural land use change; water resource policy, management and law; climate change adaptation; environmental governance; social-ecological resiliency; adaptive management; payment for ecosystem services; sustainability transitions; transformational adaptation. More ... 

Perry Hystad

Perry Hystad

Assistant Professor, College of Public Health and Human Sciences
Email: perry.hystad@oregonstate.edu     Office: 541-737-4829

Spatial exposure assessment methods to determine the chronic health effects associated with exposure to air pollution. More ... 

Todd Jarvis

Todd Jarvis

Assistant Professor, College of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences
Email: todd.jarvis@oregonstate.edu     Office: 541-737-4032 

Engineering geology, geography of groundwater, online dispute resolution. More ... 

Molly Kile

Molly Kile

Assistant Professor, College of Public Health & Human Sciences
Email: Molly.Kile@oregonstate.edu      Office: 541-737-1443

Environmental, molecular epidemiology and global health. More ... 


Kenneth Maes

Assistant Professor, College of Liberal Arts, Anthropology Department
Email: kenneth.maes@oregonstate.edu      Office: 541-737-4465

Global health and development, primary health care, community health workers, health systems strengthening, food insecurity, water insecurity, mental health, maternal and child health, HIV/AIDS, religion, morality, and ritual. More ... 

 Ben Mason

Ben Mason

Assistant Professor, Civil and Construction Engineering
Email: ben.mason@oregonstate.edu      Office: 541-737-2014

Natural hazards engineering, specifically: geotechnical earthquake engineering, including soil-structure interaction and residual soil liquefaction; coastal geotechnical engineering, including fluid-soil-structure interaction, momentary soil liquefaction, and tsunami-induced scour. More ... 

Tala Navab-Daneshmand

Tala Navab-Daneshmand

Assistant Professor, Environmental Engineering
Email:  tala.navab@oregonstate.edu     Office: 541-737-0552

Inactivation, growth and persistence of bacterial pathogens in the environment and treatment processes. More ...

Elizabeth SchroederElizabeth Schroeder 

Associate Professor, Economics
Email: liz.schroeder@oregonstate.edu   Office: 541-737-1476

Applied microeconometrics and development. More ... 

Jon SelkerJohn Selker

Professor, Biological & Ecological Engineering
Email: selkerj@engr.orst.edu      Office: 541-737-6304

Hydraulic instrumentation, vadose zone hydrology, groundwater hydrology, stochastic Hydrology, hontaminant hransport. More ...

Sammy Rivera

Assistant Professor, Civil Engineering
Email: sammy.rivera@engr.orst.edu      Office: 541-737-6304

Interests include topics related to water resources systems analysis, information technologies and cyberinfrastructure for smart, sustainable, and resilient water infrastructure and resources, and big data and artificial intelligence in integrated water management.

James Sweeney

James Sweeney 

Professor, Chemical, Biological, and Environmental Engineering
Email: jim.sweeney@oregonstate.edu      Office: 541-737-3769

Bio- and environmental sensors, bioelectricity, implanted medical devices, neuromuscular stimulation, and engineering education. More ...

Desiree TullosDesirée Tullos

Associate Professor, Biological & Ecological Engineering
Email: desiree.tullos@oregonstate.edu      Office: 541-737-2038

Ecohydraulics, river engineering and restoration, system analysis in water resources management, hydrodynamic modelling. More ...

Jamon Van Den HoekJamon Van Den Hoek

Assistant Professor, College of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences
Email: jvandenhoek@coas.oregonstate.edu      Office: 541-737-1229

Understanding how changes in land cover pattern or land use vulnerability may result from or potentially contribute to the process of conflict at regional or national levels. More ...