LSAMPUndergraduate Program

Our undergraduate humanitarian engineering minor is now open for enrollment! We are also offering several core Humanitarian Engineering, Science and Technology (HEST) courses in the upcoming academic year, and you can start anytime by enrolling in thematic electives that count both for the Bacc Core and humanitarian engineering minor! Learn more about how to enroll for the minor and the requirements. Unless otherwise noted, you do not have to be enrolled in the minor to sign up for HEST courses. 

Pederson Communication Collaboratory Graduate Program
Many of our affiliated faculty advise our graduate students in humanitarian-engineering related projects and a number of the HEST courses are open to both undergraduate and graduate students. Look for the 500-level versions. The Peace Corps recently cancelled the Peace Corps Master's International Program writ large, and our last cohort of Peace Corps Master’s International (PCMI) program students bagan in Fall 2017. We do, however, strongly encourage returned Peace Corps volunteers or students with a strong commitment to community engagement to consider our graduate programs. 

Graduate students from disciplines across campus can participate in the humanitarian engineering program by pursuing research with affiliated faculty, enrolling in HEST courses, and taking advantage of dedicated fellowship (Evans Fellowship) and co-curricular opportunities such as seminar speakers or workshops.