Dr. Kendra Sharp featured on the Jumbotron as On Point Faculty of the Game for Humanitarian Engineering Work
Leah Tai, 2014 Evans Family Fellow, installing a hydrometeorological sensor in Eastern Africa as part of the TAHMO project
An International Development Design Summit participant practicing metal-working skills in Chennai, India, 2015
Dr. K. Sharp, trying out the local tools outside of Chennai, India, 2015
Women collecting water from the local source outside Debra Zeit, Ethiopia, 2014
Mech Eng Senior, Grace Burleson, working with local groups during her internship with Maple Microdevelopment, Uganda, 2015. Photo credit: Matt Rogers.
Jon Viducich, 2014 Evans Family Fellow, working on sand dam research in Mozambique
Leah Tai, 2014 Evans Family Fellow, teaching at a school in East Africa
OSU students and staff build a Biosand Filter under the supervision of designer Dr. David Manz. Photo credit: David Paul Bayles

Engineering in context: Our mission is to cultivate science and engineering-based solutions that provide access to basic human needs, enhance life quality, and advance the level of community resilience in the local and global community.

   Our program @ OSU focuses on: education, service learning models, academic research and local/global research. To hear from our students, check out our student blog

Undergraduate Program

Our undergraduate minor program in humanitarian engineering is open for enrollment! For more information, or to enroll, contact the College of Engineering's Office of Student Services, 151 Batcheller Hall, 541-737-5236 or email askengineering@oregonstate.edu

Click here for more specifics on the minor. 


Pederson Communication Collaboratory Graduate Program
Graduate students from disciplines across campus can participate in the humanitarian engineering program by pursuing research with affiliated faculty, enrolling in HEST courses, and taking advantage of dedicated fellowship (Evans fellowship) and co-curricular opportunities such as seminar speakers or workshops.